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In Charlotte, DIRECTV zooms past the competition

Once upon a time, NASCAR® was the best-kept secret in professional sports. Football, baseball and basketball have long had higher profiles, but stock car racing – in spite of its origins in bootlegging during Prohibition – has finally hustled its way into the mainstream. Now, pro football is the only sport in the country with more viewers than NASCAR,® and racing fans are 75 million strong. 

Just like NASCAR,® Charlotte, NC, has surged in size and prominence over the past few decades. According to the 2010 census, Charlotte ranked 17th in cities with populations over 100,000. The Queen City has also become, among other things, the second-largest banking center in the country.

Today, the Charlotte area is home to one of NASCAR’s biggest racetracks, Charlotte Motor Speedway –located in Concord, just north of Charlotte. In addition to hosting races, Charlotte is also home to the NASCAR® Hall of Fame in its uptown business district. Charlotte beat out other heavyweight NASCAR® cities such as Atlanta, Daytona, Kansas City and Richmond, which all bid on the coveted attraction that opened to great fanfare in May 2010.

Charlotte, DIRECTV covers NASCAR® like no other TV provider

A major city with a major sport operating at full throttle could use a satellite TV provider with plenty of horsepower; by choosing DIRECTV, Charlotte will be ready for race day.

Whether you’re a diehard fan of stock-car racing or just mildly curious about the sport, NASCAR HotPass™ on DIRECTV gives you exclusive access to drivers and their teams, alongside the typical broadcast network feed. You can practically feel what it’s like to ride with racing royalty Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his No. 88 Chevy, or five-time Sprint Cup Series champ Jimmie Johnson in his number 48 Chevy.

DIRECTV now broadcasts all 36 races on NASCAR HotPass™ in HD and SD, and there’s even enhanced audio to make the action all the more thrilling. No matter what your budget you’re sure to get NASCAR® coverage because this channel is included in every DIRECTV® package.

You’ll get nothing but the best from DIRECTV

Satellite TV provided by DIRECTV gives customers throughout Charlotte and across North Carolina access to the best TV service in the world. Programming is available from standard, niche and premium channels around the globe, and from local network affiliates like the top-rated TV station in Charlotte, WSOC-TV.

DIRECTV definitely stands out because of its around-the-clock programming, but there’s much more to what this TV provider delivers. Supreme customer service and value also make it tough for other companies to compete.

Contact a representative so you can get all of the details about what DIRECTV offers. While on the phone, you can launch your experience with the best TV service provider in the world by setting up a convenient appointment for a free installation. Rev up your TV entertainment experience by choosing DIRECTV. Call an agent now to get started.

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